Contact Lense Fitting

Contact Lense Fitting

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses as they can provide you with more freedom, flexibility and convenience. Many people choose contact lenses in addition to spectacles for their varying lifestyle needs, such as sporting activities and social occasions.

As contact lenses are in direct contact with the eye, the examination process is more complex and requires additional steps to ensure your eyes are healthy and that the lenses are absolutely suitable.

Through our contact lenses consultation, the optometrist will first assess whether you are able to wear contact lenses and then determine the appropriate contact lenses for you ensuring a perfect fit.

If you have not worn contact lenses before, our optometrists will also teach you ways to insert, remove and look after your contact lenses and most importantly your eyes. You may need to return for an after care appointment, which is the vital last step to ensure that the contact lenses being prescribed are correctly fitted to your eyes.

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