Eye Care Service

Eye Care Service

Eye Trend and Master Vision are committed to providing quality and professional eye care services. As part of that commitment, comprehensive eye examinations are a priority for all our optometrists.

The importance of an eye examination

Eye examinations are not just about whether you need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Regular comprehensive eye examinations are essential for the detection and treatment of most eye diseases.

Your routine comprehensive eye examination involves:

History Taking

This includes a thorough review of any current conditions, visual strengths and weaknesses. Our Optometrist will review your previous ocular history, relevant family ocular and general health history.

Vision and Prescription Check

Reviewing of current prescriptions and clarity of vision are examined to determine whether any optical corrections are required; distant sight, reading fine print, or both.

External & Internal Ocular Health Examination

Health of external eye structures such as the eyelids, sclera, conjunctiva, cornea, iris and lens will be examined. Internal examinations involve a detailed inspection of the optic nerve, retina and other important structures at the back of the eye such as the macula. Our optometrist may also check eye muscle coordination to assess the binocular visual function and eye pressure may also be measured as a routine screening test for glaucoma.

Review & Management Plan

Our highly experienced optometrist will discuss their findings and develop a management plan for you. This may include type of optical corrections you may require, prescription of therapeutic medication or referral to an ophthalmologist if necessary.

We also provide other services such as:

  • Standard Care Package
  • Extended Care Package
  • Total Care Package
  • Diagnostic Imaging Cap

Most routine eye examinations are fully bulk-billed to Medicare, so there may be no out of pocket cost to you.

Overseas students or visitors to Australia with private health insurance may be able to receive rebates on routine eye examinations from their insurers.

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