1. Eye Trend offers alternatives and adheres to fair warranty conditions as we are committed to satisfy the optical needs of all our customers.
  2. Warranty for all prescriptions prescribed and administered by Eye Trend optometrists extends for three (3) months from date of dispatch for change in prescription or faulty lenses.
  3. Eye Trend is not liable or responsible for any prescription-related issue if prescription is sourced from another prescriber, including unintentional errors.

Frames warranty

  1. All new frames will be protected against faulty parts and dry soldering by a 12 months manufacturer warranty.
  2. Eye Trend reserves the right to replace the frame of a pair of glasses with another one of equivalent value if the replacement of identical frames is not possible.
  3. Damages NOT covered by warranty include: chipping or discoloration due to wear and tear, breakage or distortion due to excess force or accident.

LENSES warranty

  1. All lenses will be protected against faulty coating by a 12 months manufacturer warranty.
  2. Damages not protected against warranty include: scratches, chips, or breakages induced by normal wear and tear.
  3. Scratch resistance on lenses is only an extra protection against scratches, and does NOT make the lenses scratch proof.

Multifocal Lenses warranty

  1. Eye Trend will supply replacement lenses (2 pairs of distant or near single vision lenses OR 1 pair of flat top D-28 bifocal lenses) if the patient cannot adapt to their multifocal lenses.
  2. This non-adaptation warranty is valid for three (3) months from date of dispatch of the lenses.
  3. Replacement lenses will only contain coating (such as multicoating, hardcoat, tint etc.) if they were ordered in the original orders.
  4. If there is a price difference between the multifocal lenses and the replacement lenses there will be NO REFUND or CREDIT

contact Lenses exchange warranty

  1. There is a three (3) months unlimited exchange warranty for all PERMANENT contact lenses (soft and hard) from the date of dispatch provided the lenses are returned and for the following reasons:
  • alteration of parameters (curvature, size and thickness)
  • there is a tear or other damage in the contact lens
  • there is a need to change the contact lens material or design. If the design of the contact lens is of a higher price, the difference in price will be charged accordingly
  1. The warranty does not cover loss of lenses, torn disposable lenses, change of colour after removal from the vial or bonus contact lenses.
  2. If the customer wishes to exchange disposable contact lenses, they must be unopened, unmarked full boxes.

Repairs warranty

  1. Eye Trend guarantees that repair services are performed with due care and skill. However, as the patient's use and condition of goods is not known, potential risk of breakage or damage should be considered and acknowledged by the patient before any repairs are performed.
  1. While Eye Trend does not accept liability for accidental damage or breakage that occurs during the repair, if we determine that the damage or breakage has occurred as a result of a manufacturer's fault, Eye Trend will take reasonable steps to provide a fair remedy.


  1. Our free lifetime cleaning and adjustment services mean that you can drop in to any Eye Trend store for complimentary cleaning and adjustment for your glasses or sunglasses.

Guarantee policy

Eye Trend guarantees 100% satisfaction.

If you’re not satisfied, Eye Trend will make it right – no matter the issue.

Eye Trend guarantees:

  • Fast shipping with over 95% of all orders shipped in the same day
  • No hassle returns with free shipping, even if it is for a change your mind purchase
  • Free Replacement for damaged lenses (Note, only applicable for contact lenses)
  • Free exchange if your prescription changes within 3 months of the date of eye examination
  • Safe online ordering as every order is secure and confidential at EYE TREND online
  • Prescription reminder with email notifications sent to you when your prescription is nearing the expiry date
  • Free appointment scheduling for your next eye examination
  • Shop at your convenience – order by phone, online shop or at any of the Eye Trend and Master Vision optometrist stores in Melbourne
  • Consumer protection – The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act protects your right to buy contacts whether you choose
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